Limerick Genealogy provides a professional research service for those wishing to learn about their ancestral roots in Limerick city and county.


We can search comprehensively for your ancestors in Limerick and produce a detailed family history report using a broad collection of genealogical sources comprising of approximately three million records. Limerick Genealogy specialises in nineteenth century family history research. However the time period which we can search dates from as early as the seventeenth century to as late as the early years of the twentieth century, subject to the availability of records.

It is from the nineteenth century that we have access to the greatest volume of records including church records of various denominations, civil records of birth, death and marriage and property valuation records while household census returns date to 1901 and 1911.


Limerick Genealogy's collection of approximately three million computerised, microfilmed and hardcopy records employed in research has been compiled over a period of nearly thirty years. With this collection of records and Limerick-based knowledge and expertise, we provide a unique service which aims to add to your family history knowledge in Limerick.

Online Record Search System

As an alternative option to engaging our professional research service, Limerick Genealogy also offers an Online Record Search facility for those who wish to carry out their own searches for family records. read more...


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Genealogical Sources

  • Church Records

  • Civil Records

  • Property Valuation Records

  • Census Returns

and much more...