Welcome to Limerick Genealogy

Welcome to Limerick Genealogy

Welcome to Limerick Genealogy

Welcome to Limerick Genealogy

A Few Words About Limerick Genealogy

Limerick Genealogy offers a number of research options tailored to suit your needs from comprehensive family history reports to research on an hourly basis to deal with your specific queries. We are also available for one-to-one consultations and talks.

We can search comprehensively for your ancestors and produce a detailed family history report using a broad collection of genealogical sources comprising of approximately three million records. Limerick Genealogy specialises in nineteenth-century family history research. However, the time period which we can search dates from as early as the seventeenth century into the twentieth century, subject to the availability of records.

A Few Words About Limerick Genealogy
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Our Services

Limerick Genealogy offers a range of research options tailored to meet your specific needs.

* VAT at 23% is applicable to anyone living within the EU.


  • For those who wish to carry out their own searches for family records
  • Over 1 million fully transcribed records for Limerick City and County
  • Church, civil, census, property and ancillary records
  • Over 20 million Irish genealogical records


  • Introductory Offer
  • Become a member of Limerick Genealogy and join a new global online community of Limerick people and connections.
  • Benefits include access to tips, tools, databases and local genealogists to aid your research
  • 10% discount on Consultation

One to One Consultation

  • Work with a professional, locally based and experienced genealogist who will:
  • Answer your queries, offer advice and
  • Search online and in-house sources for family records.

Research on an hourly basis

  • Engage the genealogist on an hourly rate of research
  • Get help with a specific query or a brick wall in your research
  • Set your own budget

Family History Report

  • Comprehensive and detailed research report on your ancestor and family
  • Includes family trees and copies of relevant records
  • Details on ancestors' births and deaths, homes, occupations and burials

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