Catriona Crowe

Limerick Genealogy is run by Catriona Crowe who is a graduate of History and Archaeology in University College Dublin. Catriona continued her interest in Ireland's history and heritage and in particular that of Limerick, through studies in Heritage Management and Local History while continuing to work within the field. Catriona began working in genealogy in 2001 with the former research service Limerick Ancestry.

With its closure in 2004, Catriona set about establishing a new service and Limerick Genealogy began operating as a self-sustaining organisation in 2006.

Catriona Crowe
Aoife Ryan/>

Aoife Ryan

Aoife Ryan was born and has lived most of her life in Limerick; her professional background is in law, administration and human resources.

Though initially a recreational genealogist, Aoife studied History of the Family and Genealogical Methods in the University of Limerick and began working with Limerick Genealogy in early 2013, where she has received in-depth training specific to Limerick and Irish genealogy.